• Seneca College, Computer Programming, 2017 – 2019 The program focuses on object-oriented programming, full stack web development and Database technologies.
  • BFA, Ryerson University, Theatre Production, 2012 – 2016 This program focuses on building the creative and technical skills required for theatrical productions. This program also builds the strong management and communication skills required in a fast-paced professional industry.
  • Etobicoke School of the Arts (Film Major), 2008 to 2012

Technical Skills

  • Operating Systems: Linux, MacOS, Windows
  • Tools: Git, Make, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, WordPress
  • Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL (DB2, Oracle), Bash Shell Scripting, Processing
  • API’s: Node.js, Open Frameworks, P5.js, Express, React, Angular, JQuery, OpenGL
  • Extensive Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint Experience
  • WordPress web development
  • Video and photo editing, Premier pro, Photoshop, Lightroom


  • Working at heights
  • G-Class drivers license

Work Experience

Production Resources Group

  • May 2019 – Present
  • LED QC Tech
  • Responsible for the maintenance and quality control of LED wall and media server equipment.

Igloo Vision

  • Programmer
  • Node.js server and front end for controlling 3D projection

Rosewood Media

  • Programmer / Technician
  • Grease Toronto 2017, Greased lightning LED lighting design and install

Dandelion Web Design

  • Freelance
  • WordPress content entry and updates, Computer Building, Security Consulting

Lower Ossington Theatre

  • Freelance technician, lighting, rigging
  • June 2016 – Present

Labour Plus / PRG

  • Driver – 26′ Truck
  • June – July 2016

Joel Theatrical

  • Apprentice road crew
  • June – September 2015
  • Install and maintenance for rigging systems

Technical Projects

  • Microcontroller based cable tester – Ryerson Theatre School thesis project This is a device to test the functionality of various types of cables. The project involved the design and building of the electronics. The programming of the microcontroller in C. As well as the writing of a technical paper on the project. The paper is available on my website.
  • Discord Command Bot This project is built in node.js and is a simple bot that runs in a group chat server. This bot listens for commands and will respond with an image. That image comes from a cache of images that are pulled from the google search API in blocks of 10. This improves the performance of the bot as well as greatly reducing the API requests.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Graphics and image manipulation with Processing and P5.js
  • Electronics, programming microcontrollers and single board computers
  • Computer and server hardware
  • Programming video games
  • Photography

Theatrical and Live Event Experience

Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology

Ignition (January 9 – 10th, 2016)

  • Trade show and other event setup

Upper Canada Repertory Company

Sense on the Beach (June 8th – 14th)

  • Alumnae Theatre
  • Sound mixer and operator, Lighting programmer and Operator

Ryerson University, Theatre Production

You Can’t Take It With You (Winter 2016)

  • Head Rigger

Kudelka Meets Ryerson Dances 2015 (Fall 2015)

  • Head of Audio

New Voices (Winter 2015)

  • Technical Director

Loft 2014 (Fall 2014)

  • Technical Director

House Crew (Winter 2014)

  • Head Rigger

House Crew (Fall 2013)

  • Head of Audio

Our Class (Winter/Spring 2013)

  • Production Assistant

Dances 2012 (Fall 2012)

  • Production Assistant