Project Benchmarks

I was going to test this project on a raspberry pi running Fedora. However I have had trouble getting the pi setup on my network. I will hopefully get it working in the next few days, however I will shift my benchmarking over to the aarch64 servers for now. Because the provided test and benchmarks …

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Project Build

This build will work on all platforms that I will be testing on. There will be to main builds we will use: First make a build directory under the main directory, and cd into it. The release build will be our main build for benchmarking. It is compiled with “-O2 -DNDEBUG -rdynamic”. cmake ../ -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release …

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Lab 6 – Inline Assembler

In this lab we will be looking at this code. What is this code? This code uses specific inline aarch64 assembly language to scale volume samples. This code focuses on using SIMD (single instruction multiple data) specifically the SQDMULH ( Signed Saturating Doubling Multiply returning High Half ) instruction. This instruction ensure that the value …

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