Building glibc

The next package to be build in this lab is glibc. Again building on a Fedora 28 VM. This build process uses a directory for source code and a directory for building. This keep the source code cleaner, but requires a bit more attention to build. You can also delete and rebuild easily anytime. To …

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Building Nano

For lab 2 of the SPO600 course we have to build from source two linux packages. I will be building these packages in a Fedora 28 VM. The first package I will be building is nano, the command line text editor. This build of Fedora does not have nano installed, so we may be missing …

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SPO600 Lab 1

The purpose of this lab is to look at how different open source communities handle code patches and the pros and cons of those approaches. Fluent Bit The first community I choose to look at is Fluent Bit Fluent Bit is a Linux log collector and processor. This community uses GitHub for issue tracking and …

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